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Publish the data of energy monitor to your MQTT server

If you are looking for a power meter , please read this article first. It will help you to confirm whether IAMMETER`s product meets your requirements quickly. How to choose the power meter with regard to your requirements

The latest firmware can support MQTT publishing. You can send the energy data of the WiFi energy meter to your own MQTT server.


1. Key Word

MQTT home energy meter, MQTT energy monitor

2. Upload to Third-party MQTT server

2.1 Device configuration

Run Mode: TCP

Tcp Address: mqtt://[URL of your mqtt server]:[port]

configure the energy meter to upload by mqtt

2.2 Set the username and password of MQTT

If you want to set the username and PWD of the MQTT, you should upgrade the firmware to i.75.97.5(or greater).

The Wi-Fi energy meter work as an MQTT client in this mode. it can be connected to the MQTT broker from such authentications below.

Authentication mode:

  1. Username and password
  2. ClientID (use SN as the ClientID)
  3. Anounymous

You can set/get the username and password by the local API.

SET the Username and PWD of the MQTT

URL: http://{the local IP of the energy meter}/api/mqtt?user=laoliu&pwd=123456

Like this pic below

set the username and pwd of the MQTT for IAMMETER`s energy meter

please note:

  • replace the username(laoliu) and pwd(123456) with your real setting.
  • The maximum length for both username and PWD is 20.
  • Do not support using the character of "&" in the username or PWD.

GET the current setting (Username and PWD) of the MQTT

URL: http://{the local IP of the energy meter}/api/mqtt

get the username and PWD of the MQTT

Please note: The PWD of the MQTT would not be returned, only return the length of the PWD.

2.3 Subscribe the corresponding topic from MQTT server

Topic: device/sn/realtime

If everything is OK, you will be able to subscribe the corresponding topic from MQTT server now.

subscribe the mqtt energy data from IAMMETER

3. Interpreting the JSON Data

Regardless of whether the meter is set up to upload data to a third-party server (using HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/TLS, MQTT) or to retrieve data through a local API, the JSON format remains consistent across all methods.

JSON Data Definition of IAMMETER`s product

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