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Agent Function

1. Introduction

The new Agent System is online on Iammeter, which realizes two level management by two different system for Agent and End User

If you are the agent or reseller, then if needed we can create an Agent Account for you to login Iammeter and you will see all the meters you sell to your customers by adding the SN of these meters to your account.

2. How to apply an Agent Account

If you are the agent or reseller, send email to with your application, simple description and the username of your agent account.

We will create the agent account for you. The initial password is 123456. You should reset your password after login to your agent account.

3. Overview of Agent Account

Login to Iammeter with your Agent Account,


Then you can add the SN of meters you have.


After that, you will see the meters corresponding to the SN you just added in the system.


Select any meter you want to view, click "View",then you can see all the data in details if this meter is already registered by your customer.


Note: As an Agent, you can only view the data in your customers' account. You can not edit any data for safety reason.


If you have a WeChat account, please follow our IAMMETER WeChat public ID.