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Wiring Diagram in Solar PV System

Watch the Video Applying WiFi Energy Meters in a Solar PV System

1. Introduction

As a bidirectional WiFi energy meter, our WiFi Energy Meter is highly suitable for use within a solar PV system. It efficiently measures energy "to grid" or "from grid" using just one meter. This meter uploads measurements (Voltage, Current, Active Power, Active Energy, Frequency, etc.) to the cloud, facilitating easy online monitoring of essential solar PV system Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Energy generated by the solar inverter
  • To-grid energy (exported to the grid)
  • From-grid energy (imported from the grid)
  • Direct self-use energy

We'll present the wiring diagrams for installing WiFi energy meters in solar PV systems.

2. Single Phase Solar PV System

For monitoring your single-phase solar PV system, you have two options to achieve this:

  1. Install 2 single-phase WiFi energy meters (WEM3080) within the solar PV system.
  2. Install 1 three-phase WiFi energy meter (WEM3080T) within the solar PV system (recommended).

2.1 Install 2PCS WEM3080

As illustrated below, within a single-phase solar PV system, 2 WEM3080 units can be positioned at two locations (Grid Side and Solar Inverter Side) based on your specific requirements:

Solar PV System Application


If you only wish to monitor imported/exported energy on the grid side, installing only 1 WEM3080 on the grid side is sufficient.

As depicted below, in a single-phase solar PV system, you can install 1 WEM3080T and place the CTs in different locations (Grid Side and Solar Inverter Side) as needed:

Solar PV System Application

This option is recommended as it synchronizes data at one-minute intervals.


Clamping a CT to the Load Side isn't necessary as the system calculates the total power consumed by all loads using the following formula:

Load Power = Inverter Power - Feed-in Power

3. Three-Phase Solar PV System and 3-Phase Grid System

3.1 Install 2PCS WEM3080T

As depicted below, within a three-phase solar PV system, you can install 2 WEM3080T (three-phase WiFi energy meters).



Installing only 1 WEM3080T on the grid side is sufficient if you wish to monitor imported/exported energy on the grid side only.

4. Split Phase Solar PV System

A split-phase or single-phase three-wire system is a prevalent type of single-phase electric power distribution in North America, commonly used in residential and light commercial applications. It involves supplying two 120 V AC lines to premises that are 180 degrees out of phase with each other concerning the neutral, along with a common neutral.

Split-Phase System Wiring

For more details ,please refer to Using a 3-Phase Energy Meter for Solar PV and Grid Consumption in a Split-Phase System

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