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Advanced feature of IAMMETER-Docker

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Mysql will have better performance when the data is larger. Since Ver1.9, mysql have been supported in IAMMETER-docker.

The customers can choose sqlite or mysql by themselves (if mysql had been selected, it need to be deployed firstly).



IAMMETER-Docker (IAMMETER self-hosting energy monitoring system) has upgraded and provided the same MQTT feature as IAMMETER cloud.

IAMMETER cloud MQTT introduction

You can publish metering data of electricity meter to it or subscribe metering data from it.


Authentication mode: client ID

topic: device/SN/realtime

  1. IAMMETER-Docker URL and Port
  2. Client ID: meter's SN registered in “IAMMETER-Docker ”
  3. Topic: device/SN/realtime
  4. Uploading data format: same as



Authentication mode: username & password

topic: device/SN/realtime

  1. IAMMETER-Docker (IAMMETER self-hosting energy monitoring system): URL and Port
  2. "User name" & "Password" of IAMMETER-Docker
  3. Topic: device/SN/realtime
  4. Subscribe result



PVOutput[] is a free service for sharing and comparing live solar panel output and energy consumption data.

IAMMETER-Docker (IAMMETER self-hosting energy monitoring system) can forward data to PVoutput directly in new version.



Tasmota is an open source firmware for ESP8266 based devices created and maintained by Theo Arends.

Everything began as Sonoff-MQTT-OTA with a commit on 25th January 2016. by Theo Arendst. Its goal was to provide ESP8266 based ITEAD Sonoff devices with MQTT and 'Over the Air' or OTA firmware.

Tasmota support nearly almost SonOff products. You can buy the SonOff products runnning Tasmota firmware directly on aliexpress.

Now, if you have a SonOff smart plug or switch that has metering feature (such as "POW R2"). You can also upload the metering data to IAMMETER-docker directly.

You only need to set the parameter of Tasmota in this way and then upload data to IAMMETER-Docker.

Host: IP address of IAMMETER-Docker,

Port: IAMMETER-docker mqtt port.

Client: meter's SN registered in IAMMETER-Docker

User: leave it blank

Password: leave it blank

Topic: meter's SN registered in IAMMETER-Docke

Full Topic: device/%topic%/%prefix%/


Then , you will see the corresponding parameter in IAMMETER-docker including voltage, current, active power, energy, power factor etc.



IAMMETER self-hosting energy monitoring system (IAMMETER-docker) in docker hub.

Basic Tutorial of IAMMETER-docker

Add Data logger mode in IAMMETER-docker(from V2.1)

Upgrading list

Version 2.1

Add Data logger mode in IAMMETER-docker(from V2.1)

Version 1.9

  • Support mysql
  • support upload different pic for each place


Version 1.8


  • Upload data to IAMMETER-docker via MQTT
  • Subscribe real time data from IAMMETER-docker


  • Forward data to PVoutput directly


  • Upload the metering data of SonOff products running Tasmota firmware to IAMMETER-docker.