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Monitor your solar PV system

1. Introduction

If you have a solar PV system ( photovoltaic system ), you can consider our solar PV monitoring solution.

We hope that our solar PV monitoring solution can help you improve the self-consumption ratio of your solar PV system, and maximize the ROI for your solar PV system.

Our solar PV monitoring solution includes,

  1. Bi-directional Wi-Fi power meter: single phase energy meter(WEM3080) and three phase energy meter with different current ratings.

  2. Solar PV monitoring system: IAMMETER-cloud or IAMMETER-docker

Bi-directional Wi-Fi energy meter

WEM3080(single phase Wi-Fi energy meter) and WEM3080T(three phase Wi-Fi energy meter) can monitor both the power and energy consumption of your solar PV system. Two-way energy can be monitored (consumed "from grid" and exported "to grid") by bi-directional function.

Solar PV monitoring system

IAMMETER is our online energy monitoring system, that can monitor your solar PV system by its web portal and mobile APP. Key features related to solar PV monitoring system are,

  1. You can set power tariff for both the electricity you consume from grid and you sell to the grid in the system. The power tariff settings support various electricity billing plan (Fixed Rate, Tiered Rate,Time Of Use, Advanced Time of Use).

  2. IAMMETER provides various statistics reports base on the measurement data reported by Wi-Fi energy meter and your preset information.

  3. IAMMETER provides interface to control some open source hardwares (such as Tasmota). You can set the trigger to switch them on/off automatically when the yield power is higher than preset value or feed in power (exporting to grid) is higher than preset value.

  4. Many APIs or MQTT interfaces are provided in IAMMETER system. You can develop your own application based on them.

For more introduction about IAMMETER, please refer to IAMMETER-cloud

2. Install Wi-Fi energy meter in your solar PV system

2.1 Monitor only "From Grid" and "To Grid" energy by one single phase WiFi energy meter (WEM3080)

Reference QuickStart for monitoring your solar PV system by WEM3080

By installing only one WEM3080 in your single phase solar PV system, you can monitor two-way power and energy flow, the energy consumed from grid and exported to grid simultaneously.

Wiring Diagram

2.2 Monitor both inverter and grid by one three phase WiFi energy meter (WEM3080T)

Reference Quick Start for monitoring your solar PV system by WEM3080T

By installing only one WEM3080T in your single phase solar PV system, and clamping the first CT onto grid, the second CT onto solar inverter side and the third CT onto load if applicable (you can also leave the third CT unclamped if not needed), you can monitor "From Grid" (the energy consumed from the grid), "To Grid" (the energy imported to the grid) and the energy produced by solar inverter. You will also see the direct self-use energy and the energy consumed by your load.

Wiring Diagram


2.3 More wiring diagrams

There are also many other different applications in different solar PV system, such as three phase grid & three phase solar inverter, or three phase grid & single phase inverter etc. For more details, please refer to More wiring diagram in solar pv monitoring system

3. IAMMETER-cloud (solar PV monitoring application)

With solar PV monitoring application on IAMMETER-cloud, it can improve self-consumption ratio for maximize the ROI of your solar PV system.

See below pictures for key functions of solar PV monitoring application on IAMMETER-cloud.


3.1 System Demo

Visit Solar pv monitoring system of IAMMETER-cloud to see the demo and understand all functions.

It will display different UI if you access to demo link via computer or smart phone.

You will see same UI with IAMMETER web portal if you access to the demo link by computer. You will see same UI with IAMMETER app if you access to the demo link by mobile phone. We recommend you to acccess via computer so you can see more functions and reports.

3.2 Key Feature

4 IAMMETER-docker

If you want to deploy the solar PV monitorong system on your own server, we can also provide self-hosting system, IAMMETER-docker.

Please visit below links for introduction of IAMMETER-docker.

Basic tutorial of IAMMETER-docker

Advanced Feature of IAMMETER-docker