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Share your Site

1. Introduction

You can share your site information and meter readings (like power consumption, power generation of solar systm, energy statistics, etc.) on Iammeter system with someone else. There are two ways for you to share it,

  1. Share your site by sending them a link for them to click to access and view.
  2. You can also make your site public on our meter map so when anyone visits our meter map (, they can find your site and see the information.

For both options, you can set the password if necessary so the other user must enter the password to see your site information.

Step1, login to Iammeter system, go to "My Place and then click "Share" on the site which you want to share.

Step2, the system generates the "Link Address" for sharing your site. Click "Share" button and then you can send this link to your friend.


Your friend can visit the link and view your overview page.


You can set the pasword if necessary, then the other user will have to enter password to view the data, clicking the sharing link.


3. Share your site on open map

Step1, set the location of your place, go to "My Place", click "Edit", then you can move the icon to put it on your location on the map.

Step2, tick "Share on the open map" and then click "Share" button.


When anyone visits the our meter map (, they can find you site and view the data by clicking the balloon on the map based on the location you set. If you didn't set the password, they can directly see real-time data on the map.


They can click Site Name, then it goes to the same overview webpage as below (same with visiting by sharing link).


You can also set the password, then the other use can't see data directly on the map. They must click on the balloon and then go to the below webpage. They need to enter the password and then go to the same overview webpage.


4. Stop Sharing your site

After sharing your site, you will see a small icon appeared next to the shared site name.

If you want to stop sharing your site, go to "My place" and click "Share" again. Then you click "Stop Share".



If you have a WeChat account, please follow our IAMMETER WeChat public ID.