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Single Phase WiFi Energy Meter


Single phase WiFi energy meter (WEM3080) is a Din rail, bi-directional, Wi-Fi energy meter/Wi-Fi electricity monitor. It is highly integrated power meter with Wi-Fi module embedded, which measures the data, such as single-phase AC voltage, current, power etc, and transmits them to cloud via WiFi network.


WEM3080T can be connected to our online energy monitoring system-Iammeter( by one-key setup. With that, you can easily track, monitor and analyze your energy consumption in your home, company or factory in real-time. If you have a solar PV system, this meter can also help track the entire energy flow of the system. The system tells how much energy your solar system is producing, how much excessive energy are exporting to the grid or how much your loads are consuming from grid or your solar system.

APP Cloud

With open API, you can monitor the data locally via LAN or upload the data to your own server.

Key Feature

  • Real-time monitoring of power consumption for residential electricity system, or solar PV system
  • Monitor the energy of two directions ("from grid" and "to grid") by only one bi-directional meter
  • 2-pole DIN-rail mounting fits neatly in the meter box
  • CE, RCM, RoHS compliance
  • Quick and easy setup to connect to cloud
  • Cloud Service and Android/IOS app available

Standard Package

No. Item Qty Remark
1 Wi-Fi Energy Meter 1 Wi-Fi Module Embedded
2 Split-core Current Transformer 1 150A or 250A CT optional
3 2.4G Wi-Fi Antenna 1