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Support Modbus/TCP in the Wi-Fi energy meter of IAMMETER

Support Modbus/TCP in the Wi-Fi energy meter of IAMMETER

Modbus TCP is common protocol that used in industrial system such as ICS, DCS, SCADA. After the latest firmware upgrading, the energy meter of IAMMETER had supported the modbus tcp protocol now.

This is a big upgrade of the Wi-Fi energy meter`s firmware .

Both WEM3080T(3 phase energy meter ,Wi-Fi) and WEM3080 (single phase energy meter, Wi-Fi) will support Modbus/TCP protocol. It will make the Wi-Fi energy meter easier to be integrated into the industrial system(Such as ICS, DSC, SCADA etc ..).

Video:Integrate a three-phase energy meter into Home assistant by Modbus TCP (over Wi-Fi)

Video:Request the data of 3 phase energy meter(Wi-Fi) from the Modbus TCP

Download the firmware and use the modbus/tcp function in IAMMETER energy meter

Register mapping

index Register address(Dec) Register address(Hex) register length Description
1 0 0x0 1 Phase A voltage,unsigned,value=data/100,unit: V
2 1 0x1 1 Phase A current,unsigned,value=data/100,unit: A
3 2 0x2 2 Phase A active power,signed,value=data,unit: W
4 4 0x4 2 Phase A forward energy in pulses ,unsigned, kWh=pulses/800, unit:kWh
5 6 0x6 2 Phase A reverse energy in pulses ,unsigned, kWh=pulses/800, unit:kWh
6 8 0x8 1 Phase A power factor,unsigned,value=data/1000
7 9 0x9 1 PadA 0x00,not used
8 10 0x0a 1 Phase B voltage,unsigned,value=data/100,unit: V
9 11 0x0b 1 Phase B current,unsigned,value=data/100,unit: A
10 12 0x0c 2 Phase B active power,signed,value=data,unit: W
11 14 0x0e 2 Phase B forward energy in pulses ,unsigned, kWh=pulses/800, unit:kWh
12 16 0x10 2 Phase B reverse energy in pulses ,unsigned, kWh=pulses/800, unit:kWh
13 18 0x12 1 Phase B power factor,unsigned,value=data/1000
14 19 0x13 1 PadB 0x00,not used
15 20 0x14 1 Phase C voltage,unsigned,value=data/100,unit: V
16 21 0x15 1 Phase C current,unsigned,value=data/100,unit: A
17 22 0x16 2 Phase C active power,signed,value=data,unit: W
18 24 0x18 2 Phase C forward energy in pulses ,unsigned, kWh=pulses/800, unit:kWh
19 26 0x1a 2 Phase C reverse energy in pulses ,unsigned, kWh=pulses/800, unit:kWh
20 28 0x1c 1 Phase C power factor,unsigned,value=data/1000
21 29 0x1d 1 PadC 0x00,not used
22 30 0x1e 1 frequency, unsigned,value=data/100,unit:Hz
23 31 0x1f 1 padH 0x00,not used
24 32 0x20 2 sum of power,signed,value=data,unit:W
25 34 0x22 2 sum of forward energy in pulses ,unsigned, kWh=pulses/800, unit:kWh
26 36 0x24 2 sum of reverse energy in pulses ,unsigned, kWh=pulses/800, unit:kWh
27 38 0x26 2 Phase A reactive power,signed,value=data,unit: var
28 40 0x28 2 Phase A inductive KVARH ,unsigned, kvarh=pulses/800, unit:kvarh
29 42 0x2a 2 Phase A capacitive KVARH ,unsigned, kvarh=pulses/800, unit:kvarh
30 44 0x2c 2 Phase B reactive power,signed,value=data,unit: var
31 46 0x2e 2 Phase B inductive KVARH ,unsigned, kvarh=pulses/800, unit:kvarh
32 48 0x30 2 Phase B capacitive KVARH ,unsigned, kvarh=pulses/800, unit:kvarh
33 50 0x32 2 Phase C reactive power,signed,value=data,unit: var
34 52 0x34 2 Phase C inductive KVARH ,unsigned, kvarh=pulses/800, unit:kvarh
35 54 0x36 2 Phase C capacitive KVARH ,unsigned, kvarh=pulses/800, unit:kvarh

Test the modbus tcp function by modbus poll

modbus tcp setting in modbus polling

Modbus TCP Register map in the wifi energy meter

How to get the latest firmware that support Modbus/TCP

Upgrading Precondition: Check your current firmware version, if it is >= 75.68, it means you can upgrade the firmware directly to support the Modbus TCP function.

We have planned to provide some free upgrades to our old customers who have such requirements, if you want to use the Modbus TCP function and your firmware version also meets the requirements, please contact us from our feedback system. About how to use our feedback system, please refer to

Please also help us to introduce how to use the Modbus TCP energy meter in your system.

We will pay more attention to the customers who give us a clear introduction about why they need to use Modbus TCP energy meter in their application.

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