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Integrate with HomeAssistant

Watch this video for live demo online with Home Assistant

1. Introduction

HomeAssistant ( is an open source home automation system.

Our WiFi energy meter (WEM3080 : single phase wifi energy meter / WEM3080T : three phase wifi energy meter) can be integrated with HomeAssistant system.

Introduction in Home Assistant


2. Integrate with Home Assistant

2.1 Install HA software

Install the latest version of Home Assistant (0.107.0.dev20200310 or later version)

2.2 Configuration

To use the Iammeter sensors in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: iammeter
    name: meter

Tips: You can find your meter and check its host IP address by double clicking its icon in the network of your PC which is connected to the same home Wi-Fi network Network

2.3 Find your meter in HA

Restart the server management and reconnect to it, then you will see the entity of the meter if the meter is already connected to the Internet.

2.4 Sensors

Sensors available in the library:

  • Single Phase WiFi Energy Meter (WEM3080)
name Unit Description
wem3080_voltage V Voltage.
wem3080_current A current.
wem3080_power W active power.
wem3080_importenergy kWh Energy consumption from gird
wem3080_exportgrid kWh Energy export to grid
  • Three Phase WiFi Energy Meter (WEM3080T)
name Unit Description
wem3080t_voltage_a V A phase voltage
wem3080t_current_a A A phase current
wem3080t_power_a W A phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_a kWh A phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_a kWh A phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_a kWh A phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_a kWh A phase power factor
wem3080t_voltage_b V B phase voltage
wem3080t_current_b A B phase current
wem3080t_power_b W B phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_b kWh B phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_b kWh B phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_b kWh B phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_b kWh B phase power factor
wem3080t_voltage_c V C phase voltage
wem3080t_current_c A C phase current
wem3080t_power_c W C phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_c kWh C phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_c kWh C phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_c kWh C phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_c kWh C phase power factor

2.5 Edit your lovelace

Here you can add the card manually

Or you can copy and paste the following code

  - cards:
      - entity: sensor.meter_voltage
        max: 300
        min: 100
        name: voltage
        theme: default
        type: gauge
      - entity: sensor.meter_power
        max: 5000
        min: 0
        name: power
        theme: default
        type: gauge
    type: horizontal-stack
  - entities:
      - entity: sensor.meter_voltage
        name: voltage
      - entity: sensor.meter_power
        name: power
      - entity: sensor.meter_importenergy
        name: importenergy
      - entity: sensor.meter_exportgrid
        name: exportgrid
    type: glance
  - entities:
      - entity: sensor.meter_power
      - entity: sensor.meter_voltage
      - entity: sensor.meter_importenergy
    hours_to_show: 24
    refresh_interval: 0
    type: history-graph
type: vertical-stack

Save and then you will see the meter's data.

3. Demo

See the demo of integrating the bi-directional Wi-Fi Energy meter to Home-Assistant system, by visiting the below link,

URL: username: iammeter password: iammeter

You can remotely switch ON/OFF the three lights and see how the power changes accordingly.

4. Integrated solar pv system with Home Assistant

Please refer to

5. Other highlight features

Integrated with third-party MQTT server

Integrated with third-party TCP/TLS/http server

Integrated with OpenHab

Integrated with NodeRED

Integrate with HomeAssistant-InfluxDB-Grafana

REST API of Wi-Fi energy meter

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