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Net Energy Metering

The Three Phase WiFi energy meter WEM3080T supports Net Metering Mode in new version.

NEM(Net Metering Mode) function

Here is an example to explain about NEM(Net Metering Mode).

If you install a WEM3080T in a three phase electricity system, assuming that the power in each phase remains constant within one hour as below, and it is importing power from grid on phase A and B and meanwhile exporting power to grid on phase C,

P1 = 2KW (power of phase A, importing power from grid) P2 = 1KW (power of phase B,importing power from grid) P3 = -3KW (power of phase C, exporting power to grid)

and also assuming the power tariffs are as below,

Imported power tariff =0.3 USD/kWh

Exported power tariff =0.1 USD/kWh

we can compare the billing within one hour in normal mode with that in net metering mode.

Grid Consumption(kWh) Grid Electricity Bill Exported Energy(kWh) Income of exported electricity Balance
Net Metering Mode 0 0 0 0 0
Normal Mode 3 0.9 1 0.1 -0.8

How to turn on NEM

See below pictures, there are few steps to turn on NEM function.


  1. Upgrade the meter to the latest version if its version is 1.73 or later, please refer to Firmware Upgrade. Please note that if the version of meter is earlier than 1.73, please do not upgrade firmware. And it cannot support NEM function.

  2. Visit ip address/monitorjson to check the json data.

  3. Turn on NEM function by an API calling (http://ip/api/netmetering?npm=1)

  4. Visit ip/monitorjson to check the json data again. See above last picture, the data in red box are returned in NEM mode.

  5. Change the "Upload Type" on IAMMETER web system.


After below steps, the NEM mode is switched on.