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Order on IAMMETER Store

1. Place an order

  1. Log in to our on-line store IAMMETER Store with your account already registered on IAMMETER, or create a new account and then log in.


  2. Choose the product you will buy and add it to cart. Then go to the right top of web page,

click "GO TO CART"


  1. If you have a coupon or gift card, please fill it in on the left side. IAMMETER store supports payment by PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.


  2. Set your billing address and click on “CONTINUE” to the next step. You can tick "Ship to same address" if applicable. Then you can skip the Shipping address setting.


  1. If the shipping address is different with billing address, you need to set the shipping address as below.


  1. Use default "Free Shipping".


  1. Select the payment method, PayPal, Debit or Credit Card, and make the payment.


  1. Please confirm your information again to complete your order.


2. Check your order status

  1. You can go to "My account" - "Orders" to check your order status. After we received your payment, the order status will change from "Pending" to "Processing". After you received the product you purchased, the status will become "Complete"


  1. After we shipped your items out, you can click on "Details" here and find the tracking number.



3. Reward Points

If you have ordered our products on IAMMETER store, you can get Reward Points after your order is delivered. For every order, each 20USD spent will earn 1 Reward Points. You can check your Reward Points here.


When you place the next order on IAMMETER store, you can use Reward Points to deduct your payment. 1 Reward Points = 1USD.

If you get the Reward Points before September, 2021, the validity of Reward Points is 45 days. From now on, if you get the Reward Points, the validity of new Reward Points is extended to 60 days.

4. Order Delivery

Now we can ship your orders to you from three locations, France Warehouse, Australia Warehouse, and China Warehouse.

  • From France warehouse, we can ship to most of the European countries or regions;
  • From Australia warehouse, we can ship to Australia and New Zealand;
  • We ship to the other countries or regions from China warehouse.