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Energy Monitor and Billing of Multiple Sites

Video: Analysis of energy consumption and solar PV efficiency by virtual site function of IAMMETER-cloud

IAMMETER, as an energy monitoring system, you can monitor the energy consumption of specific locations or solar PV systems. However, if you have many places to be monitored and some of the places can be defined as tree structure (for example, place A can be set as a parent node with three child node, place A1, A2 and A3), you can define this kind of tree structure for all selected places on IAMMETER now, then you can get the comprehensive analysis and report based on this tree structure. So it is easy for you do the energy consumption monitoring or solar energy monitoring in a higher level for the whole structure of all places included.

When you have more than one place, you can click "All Places" on the top of the left navigation tree, then it goes to this function.

You can consider this as a "virtual site", include all the places you have selected manually.


This function helps you monitor and analyze all your selected places' running status(grid power, inverter power, energy consumption,export energy, billing, etc.).

1. Highlight features

The highlight features of this function are listed below.

Select the places and define the tree structure of all the selected places




Comprehensive graphs of the power & energy of the selected place


Display the power value in a tree structure




Display the energy value in specific time range

Press “Ctrl” button and then select a part of the power graph in specific time range.


Display the hourly energy value in a tree structure



Display the daily energy value in a tree structure


Display the monthly energy value in a tree structure


Display the yearly energy value in a tree structure


Solar PV System Analysis

This feature would help the customers to analyze the daily performance difference between their different solar PV sites in one IAMMETER-cloud`s account.

Sort and compare more than one solar PV site in the solar analysis

Sort all the solar pv site in one view

2. How to use this function

Place setting: select the "place" to be included in the group

You can select the places to be included in the group for analysis and report.


Group Setting: define the layout of "place" in the tree structure

You can define the tree structure for all the places selected according to the real location and installation.


Group View: Analysis of monthly energy consumption and billing in the tree structure



The power tariff settings for each place are set on place edition page, not here. You need to preset the power tariff for each places. Please refer to

Comprehensive report (energy consumption, billing and the income of solar PV system)

The system provides the comprehensive energy consumption and billing report of selected places.



Sort and compare more than one solar PV site in the solar analysis

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