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Use the 3 phase energy meter the way you prefer


WEM3080T is a three phase energy meter which can be used in the three phase, WYE (star) system. It is not applied in the three phase, Delta system but we have another model (WEM3080TD) for Delta system. WEM3080T can also be used in the split phase system. You can use it as three single-phase energy meters. It reports data to the cloud via Wi-Fi, and supports RS485/Modbus RTU protocol. By reading this blog, you can learn to use this 3 phase energy meter the way you prefer.

3 phase WiFi energy meter

Work with IAMMETER-cloud

This is the most common way to use this 3 phase energy meter. The IAMMETER-cloud is a multi-functional system for energy management, especially for solar PV monitoring. You can log in this cloud service by a web browser or an APP.

Monitor your solar PV system

The WEM3080T is one of the best choices to monitor the solar PV system.

  1. It can be used in the split phase system. If your grid system and solar PV system are both single-phase, you can use one phase of WEM3080T to monitor the grid energy exchange (to grid/from grid) and another phase to monitor the solar inverter output.
  2. It is the bi-directional meter, which means if you clamp one CT onto the grid side, it can measure both imported energy(from-grid energy) and exported energy (to-grid energy) simultaneously.
  3. It supports both normal mode and net energy metering mode.

When the WEM3080T work together with IAMMETER-cloud ,it is so easy to monitor the solar PV system.

Solar pv monitoring system

This is a brief introduction about the solar PV monitoring with IAMMETER. In this introduction ,you can log in the demo account of IAMMETER to review the detailed functions.

As an end-user, if you want to monitor you solar PV system, what you only need to do are

  1. Install the 3 phase energy meter in the distribution box
  2. Configure the wifi credentials to the energy meter that let it to connect to the WLAN
  3. Do some simple configurations on IAMMETER-Cloud.

Quickstart: how to monitor your solar pv sytem by WEM3080T

By the way, if your solar PV system does not only include single-phase. For example, your grid system is three-phase, or both your grid system and solar inverter are three-phase . It is still OK to be monitored by WEM3080T. The only difference is that you need to install one more WEM3080T or WEM3080 (single phase energy meter) , for more details please refer to Wiring Diagram in Solar PV System.

Electricity Usage Monitor/ Energy Monitoring System

Beside solar PV monitoring , WEM3080T can also be used in many energy consumption monitoring applications,such as monitoring the energy consumption of residential, factory or commercial buildings. For more details, please refer to IAMMETER:An energy monitoring system.

Please note that IAMMETER is not only an energy consumption monitoring system, but also an energy management system. You can manage all your energy meters in your same IAMMETER account.

Manage your energy meters in IAMMETER

manage your energy meters in IAMMETER

Use it in local area networking (without internet access)

If there is no internet access in your place or you do not want to use the public cloud service for some concerns, you can also use this three phase energy meter in local area networking easily.

Deploy IAMMETER-Docker

IAMMETER-cloud is a simple energy monitoring system that developed by IAMMETER. It is totally free and can be deployed in form of docker. What you need to prepare is just a server (such as raspberry PI) that can run the docker.

Basic tutorial: monitor your energy consumption in IAMMETER-docker

Advanced tutorial: Use mysql ,mqtt ,tasmota,pvoutput in IAMMETER-docker

Integrate it into some open projects(Home assistant, NodeRed, Openhab, IoBroker, Domoticz)

WEM3080T can be integrated into many famous open-source platforms from the third-party.

Integrate the wifi energy meter in Home assistant

Integrate WiFi Energy meter in NodeRed

Integrate WiFi Energy meter in Openhab

Integrate wifi energy meter in Domoticz

Integrate the energy meter in pvoutput

Integrate the Wi-Fi energy meter into industrial system (ICS,DCS,SCADA) by Modbus TCP

Get data directly from the local API

This 3 phase energy meter also supports the local API calling.

Get the energy data directly from the local API of 3 phase energy meter

Upload the data to customers own server

If you want to upload the energy data of the 3 phase energy meter directly to you own server, it is also easy to realize. Various upload method (MQTT,TLS,TCP,HTTP) has been supported by the energy meter. What you need to do is just to configure the URL and port of your sever to the energy meter settings.

An energy meter that supports mqtt publishing

Upload the data of IAMMETER energy meter to the third-party server

Latest upgrade&video&document

Video tutorial: Integrate IAMMETER energy meter into Home assistant step by step 1