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Reports of Solar PV system

If you have a solar PV system, you can use IAMMETER energy monitoring system and WiFi Energy Meter to monitor the entire energy flow of the system.

Here we introduce the comprehensive reports in IAMMETER system for solar PV system. There reports help you learn the performance and income of your solar PV system.

You can visit on your PC to see the IAMMETER demo account and reports.

Overview Page

The overview page shows all KPIs and real-time energy flow of your solar PV system. For more details, please refer to Overview of Solar PV system monitoring


Report 1 - Energy Usage and Billing

This report shows the statistics of Grid Consumption(kWh) and Electricity Bill on different time period (peak-to-valley) on daily/monthly/yearly basis.

How to set TOU power tariffs (Grid Consumption and Exported Energy)


Report 2 - Billing & Income

This report shows both total Grid Consumption & Electricity Bill, total Energy Exported & Income, and Balance, on daily/monthly/yearly basis.


How to set TOU power tariffs (Grid Consumption and Exported Energy)

Report 3 - Bill & Income & Saving

This report shows Direct Self-use Rate and Total Saving(Money saved by consuming direct self-use energy instead of grid energy + income of exported energy to grid) of your solar PV system.

In many countries or regions, the price of selling solar energy to grid is much lower than the power tariff of grid consumption. So the higher the system's Direct Self-use Rate, the more benefit to the owner.


How to set TOU power tariffs (Grid Consumption and Exported Energy)

Tutorial:Set different Power tariff in IAMMETER


Maintain more than one solar PV sites

If you want to monitor more than one solar PV site ,please try this function .

Sort and compare more than one solar PV site in the solar analysis

Sort all the solar pv site in one view