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The "hidden" features in the firmware of the Wi-Fi energy meter

Because of the continued upgrading of the firmware, new features often appear in the latest firmware, this article is used to list all the features that have been supported by the firmware(will be updated continuously).

How to get the latest firmware

We will release the latest firmware version here.

Select the run mode of the energy meter

There are three run mode selections.

  • Cloud: use the energy meter together with IAMMETER-cloud, this is the default mode.
  • TCP: upload data to third-party server by TCP,TLS or MQTT.
  • HTTP: upload data to third-party server by HTTP or HTTPS.

Select the run mode of the energy meter



This is the default mode. It will upload data to IAMMETER-cloud. Then you can monitor the energy data by the IAMMETER cloud, the effect is like this: visit the IAMMETER-cloud by the demo account

Please note: there would be the different effects when you click the demo link in the browser of desktop mode(web system effect) or phone mode(app effect)



Please refer to

upload data to the tcp/TLS server

Video: Upload the energy monitor data to a third-party server


Please refer to

configure the energy meter to upload by mqtt


  • The data format of the http/https post is the same as tcp/mqtt/tls mode.
  • you can use different port to do the http post.
  • if you use the port of 443, the energy meter would do the https post (only support https in port 443)

http https post data

Local API

/api/moinitorjson: return the measurement result

Return all measurement results of the Wi-Fi energy meter in Datas field.

The Datas contains such parameters below (if it is 3 phase energy meter,it will return all three phase readings)

Voltage, current,active power,forward kWh ,reverse kWh,frequency,power factor.


Besides the measurement results, it also returns the SN, mac, and the firmware Version.


/api/monitor: Advanced version of "monitorjson"

Add two more JOSN fields. SSID: connected AP name. Sig: signal strength of the connected AP.

API: "monitor"


/api/wifidata: return the Wi-Fi network configuration



/api/uploadinterval?x=value: set the upload interval value


Set the upload interval in seconds. Please notes ,the upload interval of the cloud mode is fixed in 1 min. This interval only work after you have set the the energy meter to upload the data to third-party server (by tcp, tls,http or mqtt).


/api/mqtt: Set the username and password of MQTT

please refer to

set the username and pwd of the MQTT for IAMMETER`s energy meter

/api/netmetring : the net metering mode of the energy meter

Please refer to How to use the net energy metering mode in the Wi-Fi Energy meter



This is a big upgrade of the firmware ,so we list it independently here.

Support Modbus/TCP in the Wi-Fi energy meter of IAMMETER

request the energy data from the Modbus/TCP in the home assistant

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