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How to utilize the WEM3050T, excluding IAMMETER-cloud

The WEM3050T , IAMMETER's latest three-phase WiFi energy meter, stands out for its compact size (2P) and boasts nearly all features of the WEM3080T, except for the IAMMETER-cloud service. Upon purchase, the WEM3050T includes a 3-month IAMMETER-cloud service, extendable through monthly or yearly subscriptions.

This versatile meter is compatible with various open-source platforms like Home Assistant, NodeRed, OpenHAB, IOBroker, Zabbix, Thingsboard, and more. Moreover, it allows direct data upload to your personal server via multiple data interfaces (modbus/tcp,mqtt,tcp/tls,http/https,RESTful API) provided by the WEM3050T.



Home Assistant

IAMMETER`s energy meter can be integrated into Home Assistant by four ways, which is listed below

integration method interface refresh period
1 Core integration HTTP 1 min
2 Modbus/TCP sensor Modbus/TCP 1 s
3 MQTT sensor MQTT 12 s
4 HACS HTTP or Modbus/TCP 1 min(http),1s(Modbus/TCP)

For more details ,please refer to

Integrate Wi-Fi energy meter into Home assistant

Summary:how to use IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter in the Home assistant

Monitor your solar PV system in Home assistant

How to use IAMMETER WEM3050T in Home assistant


IAMMETER also offers comprehensive support for NodeRED.

Integrate IAMMETER`s WiFi Energy meter into NodeRED

IAMMETER`s Energy meter @ NodeRED



Integrate IAMMETER`s WiFi Energy meter into OpenHAB



Integrated WiFi energy meter of IAMMETER into ioBroker



Use IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter in Zabbix

zabbix effect for wem3080,single phase meter


Parse the data of the energy meter in Thingsboard

Publish the data of 3phase energy meter into Thingsboard by mqtt



IAMMETER Docker is an open source energy monitoring system, deployed by IAMMETER.

The key features includes:

  • The system can be deployed in your own server (recommend to use Raspberry PI as your server).
  • Running as API server, you can design and develop your own UI by open API.

No matter whether you use IAMMETER product or not, you can monitor your solar PV plant system or track your home electricity usage by using IAMMETER Docker.

For more details ,please refer to Add Energy meter into IAMMETER-docker

Add WEM3050T into IAMMETER-docker


IAMMETER-cloud is a dedicated Energy Monitoring System developed to seamlessly connect with IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter. It enables real-time monitoring of electricity usage across diverse settings: household, commercial, industrial, and solar PV systems.

Please Note: WEM3050T only offers a 3-month free service period on IAMMETER-cloud. Once this period concludes, users need to pay a service fee to sustain their usage of the IAMMETER cloud, with payment options available on a monthly or yearly basis.


Monitor the solar PV  in IAMMETER-cloud

Monitor energy consumption in IAMMETER-cloud


IAMMETER provides various data retrieval interfaces, allowing customers the flexibility to either locally request data or effortlessly upload it to their own servers.


IAMMETER's WiFi energy meter supports Modbus/TCP, enabling data retrieval through this interface at a frequency of up to 1 sample per second (1s/s). This means that users can request data from the meter using the Modbus/TCP protocol with a maximum frequency of one sample per second.

Modbus TCP Register map in the wifi energy meter

For more details ,please refer to Support Modbus/TCP in the Wi-Fi energy meter of IAMMETER


IAMMETER`s product can publish data to third party MQTT broker.

subscribe the mqtt energy data from IAMMETER


IAMMETER`s product be configured to upload data to third-party server by TCP or TLS.

upload data to third party server by TCP

tcp server,receive the upload data by TCP


IAMMETER`s product can be configured to upload data to third-party server by http or https.

http https post data


IAMMETER's energy meter offers a range of local APIs, simplifying data retrieval through straightforward HTTP GET operations. This enables easy access to all available data using these RESTful APIs.

API: "monitor"