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Interpreting the JSON Data from IAMMETER`s Energy Meter

This article primarily introduces the definition of JSON data for electric meters.

Please note: this article is not intended for the general user; it's specifically for those who wish to integrate IAMMETER`s energy meter into 3rd party system. If you are just using the electric meter within the IAMMETER system, there is no need to focus on the details of the JSON content.

This includes scenarios such as uploading energy meter data to a third-party server or integrating the energy meter into an open-source platform locally. Regardless of whether the meter is set up to upload data to a third-party server (using HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/TLS, MQTT) or to retrieve data through a local API, the JSON format remains consistent across all methods.

JSON format

Three phase meter

Below are the various types of three-phase meters offered by IAMMETER:

Hardware Phase CT Rating IAMMETER-cloud NEM Reactive Remark
WEM3080T 3 150,250,500 Yes Yes Yes
WEM3046T 3 N/A Yes Yes Yes CT is not in package
WEM3050T 3 150 3 Months Yes Yes

How to choose IAMMETER`s 3 phase meter

JSON format of 3 phase meter

    "mac":"B0F8933C1DF7", //mac
    "version":"i.75.98.66",//FW version
    "SN":"12345678",//Serial Number
                -953,  //reactive power of phase A,unit:KVAR
                56.789, //reactive energy(inductive) of phase A ,unit:KVARH
                65.879  //reactive energy(capacitive) of phase A ,unit:KVARH
                -948, //reactive power of phase B,unit:KVAR
                78.659,//reactive energy(inductive) of phase B ,unit:KVARH
                2.323  //reactive energy(capacitive) of phase B ,unit:KVARH
                -944, //reactive power of phase C,unit:KVAR
                65.245,//reactive energy(inductive) of phase c ,unit:KVARH
                6.666  //reactive energy(capacitive) of phase C ,unit:KVARH
            219.7, //voltage of Phase A,unit:V
            0.5,   //current of phase A,unit :A
            -54.9,  //active power of phase A, unit :w
            11.337, //forward active energy of phase A, unit :Kwh
            11.201, //reverse active energy of phase A,unit Kwh
            49.99,  //Frequency of phase A
            0.5     //power factor of phase A
            219.9, //voltage of Phase B.unit:V
            0.499,  //current of phase B,unit :A
            -55.4,  //active power of phase C, unit :w
            11.039,  //forward active energy of phase B, unit :Kwh
            10.908,  //reverse active energy of phase B,unit Kwh
            49.99,   //Frequency of phase C
            0.5      //power factor of phase B
            219.9,//voltage of Phase B,unit:V
            0.499, //current of phase C,unit :A
            -55.7,  //active power of phase C, unit :w
            10.975,  //forward active energy of phase c, unit :Kwh
            10.846, //reverse active energy of phase C,unit Kwh
            49.99,  //Frequency of phase C
            0.51     //power factor of phase C

Please note:

  1. The measurement of reactive power (KVAR) and reactive energy (KVARH) is only activated when you enable their tracking through this API.
  2. active power = Voltage * Current * power factor

single phase meter

WEM3080:smart single Phase Energy Meter Wi-Fi,Cloud/app,electric sub meters

JSON format for single phase meter

    "method": "uploadsn",
    "mac": "B0F8932A295C",   //mac 
    "version": "i.75.98.71y",//FW version
    "server": "em",
    "SN": "12345678",       //serial number
    "Data": [
        228.91,          //voltage,unit:V
        1.61,             //current ,unit :amp
        225,             //active power, unit :w
        15066.47,        //forward active energy, unit:kwh 
        0                //reverse active energy, unit:kwh 

Guidelines for Integrating IAMMETER Products into 3rd party system

All IAMMETER products are crafted for seamless integration with third-party servers using protocols like HTTP/HTTPS, MQTT, TCP/TLS, or with various open-source platforms such as Home Assistant, Node-RED, ioBroker, OpenHAB, Zabbix, and ThingsBoard. This straightforward integration capability is a hallmark feature of IAMMETER.

http https post data

This article is applicable not just to the WEM3050T, but to all three-phase meters from IAMMETER. How to utilize the WEM3050T, excluding IAMMETER-cloud