1. Product Introduction

iMeter-WiFi is a Din rail, Bidirectional, WiFi Energy Meter, WiFi Electricity Monitor. It is highly-integrated, single-phased power meter with Wi-Fi module embedded and 1 RS-485 port, which can measure and transmit the data of specific electricity equipments, such as single-phase AC voltage, current, power etc. It supports MODBUS-RTU protocol.

2. Key Functions

3. Monitoring Scenarios

3.1 Monitor by Iammeter Cloud

You can quick connect iMeter-WiFi to our Energy Monitoring Platform-Iammeter(https://www.iammeter.com) Cloud Monitor

3.2 Monitor locally on your PC via LAN

You can use the Local Monitoring Software to monitor your iMeter locally via LAN. No cloud service required and lower cost for you. LAN Monitor

3.3 Monitor on your own cloud

We provide a JSON interface to the energy data produced by iMeter-WiFi that supports integration with your own system. The energy data can be uploaded to your specific server by simple configuration. SOCKET


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