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What capabilities does IAMMETER offer?


When you visit this page, you may be seeking the right energy meter, exploring solutions for '"solar PV monitoring", "monitoring electricity usage", or "managing EV charging with solar PV output" etc..., this tutorial will illustrate how to achieve these goals using IAMMETER.

IAMMETER's products are smart electrical meters capable of uploading data to the IAMMETER cloud or other platforms, providing diverse solutions. The diagram below illustrates various options for different solutions.

How-to-use-IAMMETER WAN: Cloud service accessible via the internet.

LAN: System deployable within a local area network (LAN).

Regarding Energy meters

When considering an electrical meter, several factors come into play, including the system type (single-phase, dual-phase, or three-phase, etc.), the hardware interface (Modbus/TCP, RESTful API, etc.), and the supported platforms, among others.

IAMMETER offers various types of energy meters designed to meet the requirements for measuring 1-phase, 3-phase, and split-phase systems.

Single Phase WEM3080
Single-Split (Dual or 2 Phase) and 3 Phase(Wye connection) WEM3080T,WEM3046T,WEM3050T
3 Phase(Delta connection) WEM3080TD

For more details ,please refer to Which type of electrical meter best fits your needs?

Please note: all of the three phase meters provide both active(kw,kwh) and reactive parameter(KVAR,KVARH) measurements.

Monitor electricity usage

It is the majority function of the energy meter.

Energy meters perform the measurements, providing measurement results to the platform. The platform then conducts more complex tasks, such as generating bill reports, analyzing electricity usage, and forecasting consumption etc....


IAMMETER-cloud is the native system of IAMMETER products, and it can be used directly by simply adding the device SN(Quick start). IAMMETER-cloud offers powerful functionalities for real-time monitoring of electricity usage , generating bills, and providing various reports for analyzing electricity consumption patterns.

Whether you're looking to monitor households, commercial buildings, or industrial factories, IAMMETER-cloud offers a wealth of functionalities and diverse reporting options.

Demo account :Track the electricity usage in IAMMETER cloud

For more details ,please refer to

Monitor the electricity usage in IAMMETER

Use three phase meter to monitor the electricity usage


IAMMETER Docker is an open source energy monitoring system, deployed by IAMMETER.

Its key features are:

  • The system can be deployed in your own server (recommend to use Raspberry PI as your server).
  • Running as API server, you can design and develop your own UI by open API.
  • Dock with other IOT platforms, such as azure IOT(Coming soon...)

No matter whether you use IAMMETER product or not, you can monitor your solar PV plant system or track your home electricity usage by using IAMMETER Docker.

For more details ,please refer to

Home Assistant,NodeRed,OpenHAB,IObroker,Domoticz ,Zabbix,thingsboard

IAMMETER energy meters can integrate seamlessly with nearly all popular open-source platforms.

Home Assistant:

Integrate Wi-Fi energy meter into Home Assistant

Four methods for integrating a Wi-Fi energy meter into Home Assistant

Welcome to discuss here :Four ways to integrate the Electricity Usage Monitor (IAMMETER) into the home assistant


Integrate WiFi energy meter into NodeRED


Integrate 3 phase energy meter into openHAB


Integrated WiFi energy meter of IAMMETER into ioBroker


Integration the power Meter into ZABBIX


Use the WiFi energy meter in Thingsboard


IamMeter Integrate with Domoticz

Solar PV monitoring

If you wish to monitor your solar PV site, IAMMETER also offers an ideal solution. Whether your system is single-phase, three-phase, or split-phase, IAMMETER have you covered.


IAMMETER-cloud offers highly powerful features for solar PV monitoring.

Demo account : Solar pv monitoring system of IAMMETER-cloud

It will display different UI if you access to demo link via computer or smart phone.

You will see same UI with IAMMETER web portal if you access to the demo link by computer. You will see same UI with IAMMETER app if you access to the demo link by mobile phone. We recommend you to access via computer so you can see more functions and reports.

Track the energy consumption ,track the cost

For more details, please refer to

Monitor your solar PV system with a smart WiFi Energy monitor

Monitor your solar pv system by a three phase energy meter

Home Assistant

IAMMETER provides a solar PV monitoring solution designed for Home Assistant.(Home Assistant + 3 Phase Energy meter).

Monitor your solar PV system in Home Assistant


IAMMETER provides a solar PV monitoring solution designed for NodeRed.

Monitor your solar pv system in Nodered - IAMMETER

Control EV charger

IAMMETER does not produce the EV charger now, but IAMMETER-cloud supports the OCPP protocol. It means any EV charger that supports the OCPP protocol can be added to the IAMMETER cloud. Different EV charging strategies can be set to the EV charger by OCPP, and control the charging power with regards to different times or SOC values. If the solar PV has been monitored in IAMMETER-cloud, the charging power can also be controlled regarding the solar PV output. If you like, you can only charge the EV with the solar PV surplus.


For more details ,please refer to Control your EV charger via OCPP, charging the EV by solar surplus

Integrating energy meter into customers' own systems

One of the greatest advantages of IAMMETER's energy meter is its ability to publish data to customers' servers using various protocols such as MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, and TLS. Additionally, it supports local API and Modbus/TCP, enabling customers to quickly request data when they are on the same LAN as the energy meter.

Select the run mode of the energy meter

For more details ,please refer to

The diverse interface for the energy meter

Publish the data of the energy meter to the 3rd server

The "hidden" features in the firmware of the Wi-Fi energy meter

Without IAMMETER`s product

Even without IAMMETER's hardware in hand, you can still conduct some interesting testing.

Virtual meter

The virtual meter is not a physical device but rather a service provided by IAMMETER-cloud. Users can upload data from third-party devices to IAMMETER-cloud by calling the API or using IAMMETER's cloud bridge mode (if supported), thereby accessing all services offered by IAMMETER-cloud.

For more details ,please refer to Virtual meter @IAMMETER

Virtual meter of IAMMETER


The IAMMETER-simulator is a free software developed by the IAMMETER team.

The IAMMETER-Simulator can be used to evaluate the IAMMETER`s product, try different strategies in load control, and ultimately evaluate the potential profit from the solar PV output.

The function of IAMMETER-simulator include:

  1. Support the same API as the real 3phase energy meter.
  2. Use phase A to reflect the solar PV output. The solar PV can be configured by the customer (simulated the data) or fetched from a real energy meter`s reading.
  3. Support different load profile, which is configured by the customer.
  4. Use phase B to reflect the grid, which is calculated from the solar output and load profiles.
  5. An OCPP client simulator, which can be used to simulate an EV charger with a specified battery capacity.

For more details, please refer to IAMMETER-Simulator


How do find the power meter with regard to your requirements