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WEM3080T Quickstart

1. Hardware Installation

Video: How to install WEM3080


No. Item Qty Remark
1 Wi-Fi Energy Meter 1 Wi-Fi Module Embedded
2 Split-core Current Transformer 3 150A, 250A or 400A CT optional
3 2.4G Wi-Fi Antenna 1

2. Typical Wiring Diagram

Wiring in a Single Phase Solar PV System

Note: The break for the meter is optional. You can connect the meter directly to the main breaker or without the breaker.

Wiring 1

Wiring in a Single Phase Residential Electricity System

Wiring 2

Wiring in a Three Phase Residential Electricity System

Wiring 3

3. Wi-Fi Setup

There are two ways to configure meter's WiFi settings. Setting up by mobile App is recommended by us. However, you can also set up it in the browser if you meet any problems when using App.

3.1 Set up by mobile App

Video: WiFi set up by mobile App

Step1, scan the QR code and download the mobile App


Step 2, search and connect the iMeter's access point signal iMeter_xxxxxxxx by your phone

Step 2

Step 3, Open app and find the iMeter

Step 3

Tips: If the app prompts "Invalid device version", you need to setup the WiFi network by browser, same as 3.1 WEM3162 QuickStart

Step 4, Select the SSID of your home WiFi network;

Step 4

Step 5, Enter password and save. After succesfully configure the WiFi settings, you will see that the IP address allocated for the iMeter.

Step 5

3.2 Set up in the browser

Video: WiFi set up in the browser

If you have successfully set up the meter's WiFi settings by step 3.1, then you can skip this step 3.2.

Wi-Fi Setup

4. Sign up by Mobile App

Sign up

Tips: SN is the unique Serial Number of your iMeter. You can copy it from the iMeter's access point signal (iMeter_xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx is the SN).

5. Set the Time Zone

Time Zone

Tips: Time zone must be set according to where your meter located for correct data display and report on time basis.

6. Edit the Meter Type

Edit the Meter

Tips: It is "single phase" as default meter type in Iammeter system. You need to change the meter "Type" as "Three Phase"

7. Set the Use Type of Each CT

Tips: Please set the use type of each CT according to the actual CT installation. For example, if you clamp the CT of phase A onto grid, then you set its use type as "grid".

8. View the Data

8.1 Overview page of residential electricity system monitoring

View the data

8.2 Overview page of solar PV system monitoring

View on Mobile App View the data

View on Web Cloud

Solar PV System Overview

Tips: Please visit to login to the web portal. Same username and password as app. You can see more analysis report on web.

9. How to know that the meter already connected to your router

  1. After connected the meter to your home WiFi router, the iMeter's Wi-Fi access point signal (iMeter_xxxxxxxx) will be disappeared for security reason;
  2. You can find you iMeter in the network of your PC which is connected to the same home Wi-Fi network
  3. If you want to see the iMeter's signal (iMeter_xxxxxxxx), you can switch off your WiFi router or take the meter away to where there is no WiFi network coverage of your WiFi router.


10. Reference

1. Document: Monitor Residential Electricity System

2. Video: Tracking the home electricity usage with mobile APP

3. Document: Monitor your Solar PV System

4. Monitoring your Solar PV System with Mobile APP


If you have a WeChat account, please follow our IAMMETER WeChat public ID.