WEM3162 Quickstart

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1. Hardware Installation

Hardware Installation

Standard Inclusion:

No. Item Qty Remark
1 Wi-Fi Energy Meter 1 Wi-Fi Module Embedded
2 Split-core CT (Current Transformer) 1 60A and 230A CT optional
3 2.G Antenna 1

2. Typical Wiring Diagram

Note: The break for the meter is optional. You can connect the meter directly to the main breaker or without the breaker.

Wiring in a Single Phase Solar PV System

Wiring 1

Wiring in a Single Phase Residential Electricity System

Wiring 2

3. Wi-Fi Setup

Wi-Fi Setup

4. Sign up by Mobile App

Sign up

Tips: SN is the unique Serial Number of your iMeter. You can copy it from the iMeter's access point signal (iMeter_xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx is the SN).

5. Set the Time Zone

Time Zone

Tips: Time zone must be set according to where your meter located for correct data display and report on time basis.

6. Set the Use Type of Each CT

Tips: Please set the use type of each CT according to the actual CT installation. For example, if you clamp the CT of phase A onto grid, then you set its use type as "grid".

7. View the Data

View the data

Tips: Please visit https://www.iammeter.com to login to the web portal. Same username and password as app. You can see more analysis report on web.


If you have a WeChat account, please follow our IAMMETER WeChat public ID.



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