Use a GPRS Modem

1. Introduction

We have GPRS modem (Model: Elfin-EG11), which is used with our WiFi Energy Meter together for the users to install the WiFi Energy Meter to where there is no WiFi network coverage. The users can use GPRS modem to read and tranfer the meter's data to our cloud via GSM/GPRS network. We already set the configuration, so you will not need to do any configuration. Just insert the SIM card, power on it and then it will work.

2. Product Pictures

Solar System application

3. Wiring Diagram

See below picture for Wiring Diagram. You need to buy an AC/DC adapter by yourself.

4. Add the meter on Iammeter

If you use GPRS modem to upload the WiFi energy meter's data to our cloud. You need to add the meter by using the SN of GPRS modem, not the meter's SN. You can get the SN by checking the SN label attached on GPRS modem. Normally the SN consists of 16 digitals.

5. How to buy

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If you have a WeChat account, please follow our IAMMETER WeChat public ID.



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