1. Hardware Installation

Hardware Installation

2. Typical Wiring Diagram

Wiring in a Single Phase Solar System

Wiring 1

Wiring in a Single Phase Residential Electricity System

Wiring 2

Wiring in a Three Phase Residential Electricity System

Wiring 3

3. Wi-Fi Setup by Mobile App

Step1, scan the QR code and download the mobile app


Step 2, search and connect the iMeter's access point signal iMeter_xxxxxxxx by your phone

Step 2

Step 3, Open app and find the iMeter

Step 3

Tips: If the app prompts "Invalid device version", you need to setup the WiFi network by browser. Same as 3.3 WEM3162T QuickStart

Step 4, Select the SSID of your home WiFi network;

Step 4

Step 5, Enter password and save. After succesfully configure the WiFi settings, you will see that the IP address allocated for the iMeter.

Step 5

4. Sign up by Mobile App

Sign up

Tips: SN is the unique Serial Number of your iMeter. You can copy it from the iMeter's access point signal (iMeter_xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx is the SN).

5. Set the Time Zone

Time Zone

Tips: Time zone must be set according to your location for correct data display and report on time basis.

6. Edit the Meter Type

Edit the Meter

Tips: It is "single phase" as default meter type in Iammeter system. You need to change the meter "Type" as "Three Phase"

7. View the Data

View the data

Tips: Please visit https://www.iammeter.com to login to the web portal. Same username and password as app.


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