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Apply for the virtual meter

What is the Virtual meter and trail SN

Virtual meter

The virtual meter is not a physical device but rather a service provided by IAMMETER-cloud. Users can upload data from third-party devices to IAMMETER-cloud by calling the API or using IAMMETER's cloud bridge mode (if supported), thereby accessing all services offered by IAMMETER-cloud.

The virtual meter is our latest attempt, and users can use this to integrate other energy monitoring devices (smart meters, inverters) into IAMMETER-cloud.

Virtual meter of IAMMETER

Trail SN

The trail SN is the SN of the virtual meter.

We currently offer a 6-month free trial period for the trial SN. This means that after adding this trial SN, you can use IAMMETER cloud services for free for the next six months. Regarding how to make better use of the trial SN after the six-month period expires, we are still in discussions and have not reached a conclusion. It is possible that we will provide a free trial SN for users with regular SNs, or we may introduce an annual fee for the trial SN service. All these aspects are currently undecided, and once a decision is made, we will promptly announce it on our website.

The distinction between trial SN and the regular SN

SN types service cycle
1 WEM3080,WEM3080T,WEM3046T within the product life cycle
2 WEM3050T 3 month
3 Trail SN 6 month

How to Apply the Virtual meter

With an account on IAMMETER


Without an account on IAMMETER

If you don't have an IAMMETER account, you need to register first. However, registering on the IAMMETER-cloud requires providing a device serial number (SN), which you won't have if you haven't purchased a device. In this case, you need to register on .

Register on

Click "Create your account"

Click "Create your account"

Click "Sign up with trail SN"

Sign up with trail SN

What capabilities does this virtual meter offer

Through the Virtual meter, users can access the full range of IAMMETER services. For instance, they can:

  1. Call the API to upload their own electricity meter data to IAMMETER.
  2. Utilize IAMMETER's standard services to fetch monitoring data from inverters of various brands, collaborating for joint analysis with IAMMETER's electricity meters.

Step by step tutorials

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Fetching Data from "SolaxCloud" and Integrating with the IAMMETER-cloud Virtual Meter

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More tutorials are coming soon...