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Multi-functional Wi-Fi Energy Meter

Key Word: MQTT, Home Assistant, Openhab, NodeRED, Solar PV monitoring system, Electricity Usage Monitor

three phase Wi-Fi energy meter

The WEM3080 (single-phase Wi-Fi energy meter) and the WEM3080T (three-phase Wi-Fi energy meter) are produced by IAMMETER.

They all belong to muti-functional Wi-Fi energy meters and support the following features.

Highlighted features of Wi-Fi energy meters

Home assistant



Home Assistant & Grafana

Easily Integrate to third-party MQTT server

Integrate with Third-Party Server

Rest api



If you do not have your own cloud, the IAMMETER-cloud is a good choice for you especially in solar PV monitoring or Home Electricity Usage Monitor.

Solar PV monitoring system in IAMMETER-cloud

Home Electricity Usage Monitoring system