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Latest update (AC storage, Upgrade of Solar PV system monitoring, 500A WEM3080T available)


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Add "AC storage" as the new meter type in IAMMETER system

Abstract: According to your actual meter and CT installation, you need to define your meter/CT type on IAMMETER, as "Grid", "Inverter", "AC storage" or "Load".


Wiring Diagram in Solar PV System

Abstract : You can use the both WEM3080 and WEM3080T for solar PV monitoring, referring to the wiring diagram in this blog.


Reports of Solar PV system in IAMMETER system

Abstract: If you have a solar PV system, you can use IAMMETER energy monitoring system and WiFi Energy Meter to monitor the entire energy flow of the system. Here we introduce the comprehensive reports in IAMMETER system for solar PV system. There reports help you learn the performance and income of your solar PV system.


Overview of Solar PV system monitoring

Abstract: If you have a solar PV system, you can monitor it on IAMMETER by installing our WiFi energy meters. IAMMETER displays different overview webpages for Solar PV System and Non-solar PV System.


How to use net metering mode with WEM3080T

Abstract: Introduction of Net Energy Metering function.

Note: This new function is supported by latest version of WEM3080T, please contact us for how to purchase if you need this function.


Latest News

  1. IAMMETER Store is online. In some European countries, Australia and New Zealand, if you have purchased our meter and registered on Iammeter before, now you can buy our meters on it. Learn more from Order on IAMMETER

    Before the end of April, users who purchase products worth more than 150 Euros (232 Australian Dollars) from IAMMETER Store , will receive an extra 95% discount coupon from us. This coupon is valid until the end of 2021 for your orders later from IAMMETER store.

  2. New released WEM3080T-500A is on sale on Aliexpress store.


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