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Share Your Ideas, Win IAMMETER's Energy Meter Again

“Share Your Ideas, Win IAMMETER's Energy Meter Again”

[The event from three years ago]( Activity: Share your application with IAMMETER and win a free Wi-Fi power meter) is back

Event Introduction

If you are using IAMMETER to monitor your solar PV system, you can post about it. Show us your solar site data and tell us about your attempts to improve the self-consumption rate, and you could win one of our prizes.


We have prepared similar prizes this time:

  1. First Prize: 5 pcs WEM3080T-150
  2. Second Prize: 5 pcs WEM3050T
  3. Third Prize: 5 pcs WEM3080

Event Requirements

  1. Monitor solar power generation with IAMMETER-cloud.
  2. Adopt measures to increase the self-consumption rate at your site.

If you meet the above two conditions, you can tell us by posting. Your post should include:

  1. IAMMETER charts and reports showing your solar system metrics, including the self-consumption rate.

  2. A description of the measures you took to improve the self-consumption rate.

    We will score the actual posts and award first to third prizes accordingly.

Scoring Criteria

  1. Whether the post uses clear IAMMETER charts and reports to show the actual solar monitoring results.
  2. Whether the optimization plan is clear enough for others to benefit from it.

Submission Method

  1. Post directly in the IAMMETER official forum.
  2. Post on other forums (extra points awarded) and submit the corresponding URL in the IAMMETER official forum.

Extra Points

You will receive extra points if you do the following:

  1. Post on forums other than the IAMMETER official forum.
  2. Make your site monitoring page public How to show your site in PV ranking.

Why Focus on the Self-Consumption Rate of Solar PV Systems

With the feed-in tariffs of residential solar PV systems becoming lower, more and more users face the dilemma, "Investing in a solar system, I earn only 0.05AUD for generating 1 kWh at noon, but I have to pay 0.25AUD or even more for using 1 kWh in the evening."

Therefore, how to make the solar system more profitable has become a meaningful topic. IAMMETER has always been committed to helping customers increase the profitability of their solar systems.

Overall, there are mainly two ways to increase the profitability of solar systems:

  1. Try to use high-power devices when the solar output is high, to maximize the consumption of solar energy and minimize feeding into the grid.
  2. Introduce batteries to store the electricity generated at noon and use it during peak tariff periods, reducing the need for grid power during those times.

Regarding the first point, IAMMETER has made several attempts, such as:

Control other devices with regard to the value of power reading

Control the EV charger via OCPP, get a higher self-use rate in the solar PV system

Regarding the second point, IAMMETER-cloud can directly help customers analyze the potential profit brought by introducing a battery storage system [Estimate the profit of the energy storage system based on your actual grid consumption](Estimate the profit of the energy storage system based on your actual grid consumption.).

Additionally, IAMMETER is planning to launch a new feature that allows users to simulate a virtual battery in the IAMMETER system. Then, IAMMETER-cloud will help customers calculate the potential profits of introducing a battery based on their actual electricity usage. This is a brand-new attempt, and we are looking forward to it.

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