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Trigger the smart socket from IAMMETER-cloud

Step by step tutorial: Control a smart socket in IAMMETER-cloud

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Trigger the smart socket from IAMMETER

This is a very interesting online experiment. You can control a real smart socket, trigger it from IAMMETER-cloud. When the power value uploaded by the WiFi energy meter is greater or less than a threshold value, the smart socket will turn on/off. Such a control mechanism is very useful in your solar PV system. For example, you can turn on the smart socket to start a high power load when the solar yield power is greater than a threshold. It will help you to improve the self-consumption rate of your solar PV system. Both the value of active power and the current can be used as the trigger source. In 3 phase energy monitoring system, you can use either each phase power or three phase power sum as the trigger source.

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