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Activities - Apply for the Linear Power Controller (SCR-485)

Activities - Apply for the Linear Power Controller (SCR-485) to improve the self-consumption rate of the photovoltaic system.

Linear Power Controller (SCR-485)

SCR_485, linear power controller, voltage regulator for the resistive load

The SCR-485 is the latest single-phase power controller from IAMMETER, with voltage regulation and Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing a maximum power adjustment of 3.5 KW (single phase, 220 V).

By connecting the SCR-485 with a resistive load device (maximum power less than 3.5 KW), you can linearly control the power consumption of this resistive device.

It can be integrated with the IAMMETER system to accurately utilize photovoltaic feed-in power, maximizing the self-consumption rate of the photovoltaic system. The wiring is shown in the figure below.


The SCR-485 adjusts the power output according to the "threshold" and "hysteresis" values, as shown in the picture below.

It will reduce power output when energy is being imported from the grid (grid power value greater than zero) and increase power output when exporting energy to the grid (grid power value below zero).

Set the parameters in SCR-485, threshold, hysteresis

Example: if the threshold = 10 W (consume 10 W from the grid) and hysteresis = 20 W, The SCR-485 will decrease the power value when the grid power is greater than 30W (10W + 20W), the value it decreases will be equal to the difference between the current grid power and the threshold. The SCR-485 will increase the power when the grid power is less than -10W (10W - 20W), the value increases will be equal to the difference between the current power and the threshold.

After closed-loop automatic control, the output power of the SCR-485 and the grid power effect is as shown in the figure below. It can be seen that the grid power fluctuates around the power value of zero.

Control the power of the heater according to the grid power

Specifications & Features

  • Single-phase 220V system, maximum controllable resistive load is 3.8 KW.
  • Provides Wi-Fi functionality and supports API.

Price & Purchase Channels

Official Product: 199 USD (available for sale after three months)

Industrial Prototype: 149 USD

Engineering Prototype Sharing Activity: 100 USD

Engineering Prototype Sharing Activity

If you are willing to share your experience of using the SCR-485 to improve the self-consumption rate of your photovoltaic system, you can apply to participate in this "Engineering Prototype Sharing Activity."


For only 100 USD, you can get a set of SCR-485 engineering prototypes. If you complete the usage experience sharing, you can get an additional WEM3080 as a reward (no other costs, including shipping fees).

Activity Requirements

If you want to apply for this activity, you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Have a resistive load of less than 3.5 KW (such as a water heater).
  2. Have a photovoltaic system and monitor the power consumption and generation, self-consumption rate, and monthly bill of the photovoltaic system on IAMMETER-cloud monitoring photovoltaic system usage and generation.
  3. Be willing to share the changes in self-consumption rate and bill after using the SCR-485.

Activity Steps

  1. Help us like this post (we hope more people discover this device, thank you for your understanding).

  2. Post a topic on the IAMMETER official forum including the following content:

    • Confirm what resistive load you want to control and its maximum power (preferably with photos of the load parameters, ensuring the load's maximum power is less than 3.5 KW).
    • Confirm that you are using IAMMETER-cloud to monitor your photovoltaic system and specify your current monthly electricity bill and self-consumption rate.

After seeing your post, if we believe your system meets our sharing activity requirements, we will contact you via your registered email, send a payment link, and ship the product.

  1. After receiving the SCR-485, if you have any usage questions, please post them in the forum, and we will respond promptly.
  2. After using it for a week, you can organize your review results and publish them on the forum. The content should include daily changes in self-consumption rate and bill changes. We recommend using screenshots of this report to illustrate the effects before and after introducing the SCR-485.

electricity bill, solar income, savings

As long as your sharing is detailed enough, we will contact you promptly and send out the WEM3080 as a thank you (we do not necessarily need to conclude that the self-consumption rate has significantly improved; as long as the sharing is detailed enough, we are willing to send the WEM3080 as a thank you).

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