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WEM3080T product has passed UL certification (UL61010)

WEM3080T product has passed UL certification

Our three phase Wi-Fi energy meter, model WEM3080T, has successfully obtained UL certification through testing conducted by SGS. This certification confirms that the WEM3080T model meets all necessary requirements and has been awarded the SGS US mark, signifying its safety for use in the USA and globally.

certification standards

UL 61010-1,3rd Ed., Rev. July 19, 2019 UL 61010-2-030,2nd Ed.,Dec. 21,2018

IAMMETER energy meter UL61010

About the WEM3080T

The WEM3080T is a bi-directional, din rail, three phase Wi-Fi Energy Meter which can be used to monitor 3 phase 4 wire system(WYE connection) .It is a highly integrated 3 phase energy meter with a Wi-Fi module embedded, which measures the voltage, current, active power(bi-directional), forward energy, and reverse energy of each phase.

Key features: bi-directional, net energy metering(NEM), active power measurement(kw,kwh) and reactive power measurement (kvar,kvarh),modbus/tcp, mqtt/http/https/tls/tcp,supporting open-source platform, 3 phase/split phase.

For more details, please refer to WEM3080T:three Phase Energy Meter Wi-Fi,split phase,residential energy consumption,solar pv monitor,net energy metering, Modbus TCP/RTU

3 phase energy monitor


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