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Support smart ev chargers, and use the excess solar PV output more efficiently

Road map: support smart EV charger in IAMMETER


IAMMETER is always trying to help our customer to utilize the use of solar PV output as higher as possible(self-use rate). We had tried to provide a smart socket as the actuator. But the socket can not be used to control the load power consumption linearly. This is not a good option in the selection of the actuator. As most of smart EV chargers can control the output linearly, we plan to support some smart EV chargers in our system.


Some customers have already provided solutions in Home Assistant,like this Using Iammeter to charge Tesla only from excess solar. Now we want to provide a similar solution in IAMMETER,that let customers who are not familiar with HA can also utilize the solar PV output more efficiently.

How we plan to do this

  1. Find the smart EV charger that provides the API or other similar methods that can be controlled remotely.

    Please let us know the specific smart EV charger that you are using here

  2. Integrate the corresponding smart EV charger as an actuator into IAMMETER.

  3. Modify the EV charger output with regard to the feedin power reading from IAMMETER dynamically, and try to utilize nearly all of the solar PV output .


Control other devices with regard to the value of power reading

Use Smart socket (WSM-16/WSM-16P) directly in IAMMETER-cloud

practical operation tutorial: trigger a real smart socket on the internet