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New Features: Energy MQTT, Energy APIs, IFTTT, Control Tasmota)


IAMMETER has been upgraded several times in the last month, including:



  • Subscribe real-time data from IAMMETER cloud
  • Publish topic to the controller from third party. For example, SonOff products with Tasmota firmware


  • More open HTTP APIs are available in our energy monitoring system (IAMMETER)

3. More functions of IAMMETER

  • Auto sending->trigger center,
  • Optimization of site sharing link
  • Electricity usage monitor
  • Sub-user


MQTT server of IAMMETER is online. You can realize MQTT function via the MQTT server now.

1.1 Subscribe real time data from IAMMETER cloud

You can subscribe real time data from IAMMETER.

Please refer to

You can subscribe real time data easily from the Home Automation platform such as Home Assistant, openHab ,NodeRed etc...

Tutorial for subscribing the topic from Home Assistant

1.2 Publish topic to open source hardware or firmware(Tasmota)

Tasmota is an open source firmware for ESP8266 devices, it support nearly all of SonOff device.


Now, You can trigger this smart plug or switch on/off by IAMMETER automatically. Please note that SonOff products must be running tasmota firmware.

This is especially useful in solar PV system application in our energy monitoring system(IAMMETER cloud)

You can switch on the smart plug when the solar PV power is higher than a preset value.

This trigger setting will help you promote the Self-consumption rate of your photovoltaic system .

For more detail ,please refer to


IAMMETER cloud is not only an energy monitoring system, but also can provide energy API service. We are planning to open more Energy APIs in near future.

Please refer to


3. Latest upgrade of IAMMETER system

3.1 Overview of electricity usage monitor application

Three phase power is displayed independently per phase on the overview page now.


3.2 Auto Sending → trigger center

Auto Sending function on IAMMETER has been upgraded recently. By this function, now it does not only trigger email sending, but also trigger web hook or MQTT command. You can trigger IFTTT implementation (, to control SonOff products running Tasmota (, or call some self-defined web hook etc. Now it is more like a trigger center than a simple "auto sending function"

IAMMETER site sharing funtion has been upgraded.

Both solar pv system and Electricity Usage monitor have the same effect on the overview page.

Please refer to

3.4 Sub-user

You can create a sub-account to let other users to view your data on IAMMETER.

Please refer to