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Latest update(New Overview Page, Net Metering Mode)



Product and System Upgrade



Upgrade of overview web page:

  • Display both imported/exported energy on the dashboard on the top of the overview web page. See Green Arrow (exported) and Red Arrow (imported).
  • Select a different date in the Power chart on the left, the statistics of the selected date will be displayed on the right

Upgrade of the WEM3080T product:

  • WEM3080T produced after Jan 2021 can support net energy metering mode. We have shipped some new version WEM3080T with this function to France and Australia warehouses so you can order them on Aliexpress if you can select "Ship from France" or "Ship from Australia").




New Firmware V1.75.46 released

Please note:

This firmware can only run on WEM3080 series product(WEM3080,and WEM3080T), not on WEM3162. For WEM3080 series, only the firmware version of 1.70.x and later can be upgraded to this version. Please do not upgrade your firmware if the version is earlier than 1.70.1.

Features of the new firmware

  • Support quick http uploading to private API;
  • Fix the bug of garbled character problem during frequent local api calling (usually appear in HA application).

Download link for 1.75.46.bin

Check the hash of the bin:


Please refer to how to upgrade firmware


Special Thanks

The recent upgrade comes from our customer Mr. Matthew's suggestion. We highly appreciate these valuable suggestions which make our system and product more powerful and interesting. It is very much appreciated that you can share any suggestions to improve our system or product. You can reply this notification and talk to us directly.