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Latest Update (Key upgrade with Mobile App, OpenHab, Node-Red, ioBroker integration)


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1. Latest update of App

Some interesting functions are online on new version app - Monthly Energy Consumption and Bill Forecast, and System Notification and Alarm

Upgrade to latest version (Apple Store/Google Play) is highly recommended


1.1 Monthly Energy Consumption and Bill Forecast


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1.2 System Notification & Alarm

You can receive the system notification, report and alarm in APP now.



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1.3 Monthly Billing Report

Coming soon...


2. Latest Upgrade of Web System


2.1 Monthly Energy Consumption and Bill Forecast




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2.2 System Notification & Alarm





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3 Home Automation


3.1 Online Demo of Home Assistant Integration


You can visit the below link. You can remotely switch ON/OFF the three lights and see how the power changes accordingly.



username: iammeter

password: iammeter



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3.2 Integration with OpenHab, Node-Red, ioBroker


4. Last

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