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WEM3046TE: The Best Option for Double CT Installation

WEM3046TE: The Best Option for Double CT Installation

The WEM3046TE comes with three 5A, 10mm split-core CTs (current transformers).

Standard package

No. Item Qty Remark
1 Wi-Fi Energy Meter 1 Wi-Fi Module Embedded
2 Current transformer 3 10 mm, 5A , split-core
3 2.4G Wi-Fi Antenna 1


Unlike the WEM3046T, which accepts a 5A current transformer input, the WEM3046TE extends three 5A split-core CTs externally, which can be clamped onto the cable of the primary CT in the distribution board (DB).

Why we need WEM3046TE

Assuming you want to monitor the current in the cable in the distribution board (DB) and there is only the primary CT, which is already connected to an energy meter of the utility company, and you are not allowed to re-wire the existing meter or CT.

The WEM3046TE would be the best fit for this case. You can clamp the CTs of the WEM3046TE directly onto the wire of the primary CT, and it will get the current reading from the primary CT output.

Double tap installation by WEM3046TE



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